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Using stages and likelihood to measure progress along the student recruitment journey

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Stages is where SuperUsers of the app 'Student Database' can set up the various different stages a prospect can go through during their student recruitment journey.

In this example it has been decided that those stages are:

  • Prospect

  • Hot Prospect

  • Wants to apply

  • Applied

  • Offer Holder

  • Accepted Offer

  • Enrolled

So, it is anticipated that prospects will travel along this journey, (maybe skipping a few steps on the way) to success. Success is defined by arriving at the stage 'Enrolled'.

In traditional sales speak this has been known as the 'Cold to Sold Sales Ladder'. But we are in lovely education and we don't sully ourselves with such grubby commercialism (ha ha!).


Prospects who have only enquired are much less likely to enrol (say 20%) than those who have accepted your offer (say 99%). So you can set that likelihood for each stage, and in this example we have used 20%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 99% and 100%. You use anything from 1% to 100% in whole numbers.

  • Prospect 20%

  • Hot Prospect 40%

  • Wants to apply 50%

  • Applied 60%

  • Offer Holder 70%

  • Accepted Offer 99%

  • Enrolled 100%

How to use Stages and Likelihoods

There are no hard-and-fast rules. Think about what matters to your establishment:
What are you always being asked?ย 

  • "How many students are likely to enrol this year?"

  • "And how likely are they?"

  • "How many offer holders do we have because I want to send them an email"

  • "Have we had any interest at all in our new XYZ Course yet?"

You will soon come up with a list of stages that fits the way you recruit in your establishment. It may look like the example above. You may want fewer stages.


Q. Can I have different stages if my university is using more than one Marketing Unit?

A. Yes. You need to set up each Marketing Unit's stages separately by selecting the dropdown on that Stages page.

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