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Assigning Stages with a web form

How to update each student's stage based on an answer they give in your web forms

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As each prospect travels along their own student journey with you, they will move through the various stages that you set up in the Student Database, such as from 'enquired' to 'enrolled'. Read more about Stages here.

While there are various methods for assigning the correct stage to each student, this article will focus on using the 'SDB - Stage' field in your web form.

The Stages set up in Student Database are automatically pulled into the field's settings on the form.

Here you can select which ones to show on the form and assign a descriptive label for the Student to select as their response to your question. When they pick one, the corresponding Stage is applied to their Student Record Card, along with the Likelihood percentage.

When the form is submitted, the student automatically gets the correct stage assigned. In this example the student answered "I intend to apply to this uni" and got the stage 'Intends to apply' assigned:

Note: This field only updates the Stage if the new stage is the same or higher Likelihood percentage than the old stage.

This will stop, for example, a student at "Applied 50%" who asks a quick question from accidentally dropping down to "Enquiry 10%".

How do Stages help me to recruit students?

  • Responsibility - different teams can take care of different stages - read more about how Teams work with Stages here.

  • Visibility - your users can see where each student is on their student journey and treat them appropriately.

  • Overview - you can run a report of what next year's recruitment figures are looking like now.

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