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Assigning Stages to your Teams
Assigning Stages to your Teams

How to move prospects along the student journey from enquiry to enrolment in Student CRM.

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Your teams each comprise one or more users with a common purpose, for example you may have a Marketing Team, a Recruitment Team and an Admissions Team.

The users in each team understand what their responsibilities are:

  1. Marketing Team: "to generate leads for the Recruitment team".

  2. Recruitment Team "to qualify leads, show our university's values and help them to apply so Admissions can take over".

  3. Admissions Team: "to convert new applicants into offer-holders who choose to study here".

You have 3 interdependent teams using Student CRM to move the prospects along the student journey from enquiry to enrolment through maybe 5 or 6 stages.

As each prospect moves along the student journey from enquiry to enrolment they are assigned a stage. In the screenshot below you can see that all users in the Recruitment Team are responsible for the stages 1, 2 and 3:

How does this affect users?

Let's imagine that you have 2 users in your Marketing Team - Mary and Mark. They can quickly see how many leads they are generating by filtering all brand new leads in this week at Stage 1. Mary and Mark can also measure their social media budget's ROI by seeing how many of last month's leads from Twitter became applicants this week.

Now the 2 users in your Recruitment Team - Ralph and Rebecca can move all the current prospects (in stages 1, 2 and 3) along the journey until they apply.

Now the 2 users in your Admissions team - Annie and Andy can take care of the new applications in thanks to Ralph and Rebecca's excellent recruitment events and personal interactions. ย Annie and Andy move the applicants along from stage 4, through 5 to 6 (enrolled).

Specific apps for different teams

Of the 26 apps that make up Student CRM, each one does one thing extremely well, whilst interacting perfectly with all the others. With broad objectives and precise metrics each team can use its apps to make progress each day.

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