TIP: Instead of canceling, would you prefer to just postpone it to a later date? If so see this article.

How to cancel an Event Manager event

Fully cancelling an EVM event takes a few steps more than just unpublishing it. Below are the key steps to fully canceling an event.

Stop bookings being generated

To stop new bookings from coming in, you need to unpublish your event. To do this go to the Settings tab, and click the edit pencil next to your event. Then scroll down to “event status” and select “unpublished event”.

Pause the “booked” workflow

Next, you need to go into the workflows tab and pause the “booked” workflow. This will stop booking comms from going out to those students already on the workflow. For how to pause a workflow, check here. You’ll probably want to set the workflow to pause “now”, and resume “never”.

Cancel all existing bookings

Finally, to move students from the “booked” workflow and back to “invite” you’ll need to cancel all the bookings. For instruction on how to do that, follow the steps in this article.

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