How do I create my first event?

Create a new event in Event Manager

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Event Manager allows you to create bookable events quickly. Typically these tend to be smaller events with a fixed programme (where bookers don’t need to choose activities).

Event Manager commonly used for:

Campus tours, evening events, group bookings, virtual events, 1-2-1 meetings with academics, parents evenings, teacher info sessions, course info sessions with remote students, on-campus taster days, UCAS workshops.

Typical no of events in one season:

20 to 100

Typical no of bookings per event:

1 to 500

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Step 1

On the Events tab, click the 'Add Event' icon:

Step 2

Fill in the details of the event:

  • Date and Start Time: The date and time your event starts.

  • Duration: The length of the event in hours and minutes.

  • Last Booking Date: The last date you wish to take bookings.

  • After booking go to: The URL to automatically redirect to after the booking is complete for this event. (This overrides the Occurrence Destination URL).

  • Event Status:
    Draft = Only available in the Setup tab, not open to bookings.
    Unpublished Event = Only available in the CRM for direct bookings.
    Private = Only accessible directly via the events URL.
    Public = Published and available on the main Stream (Occurrence) URL.
    Closed = Not open to bookings.
    You can change the Status of your event all the while it's able to take bookings.

  • Venue: Where your event is being held.

  • Hosts: Select the faculty which is hosting your event, or the main host if it is not faculty-specific. (This controls which courses see the Event if you are using a Course pre-selector. See Setup Options in Event Manager).

  • Capacity Limit: How many people can attend this event in total?

  • Capacity Type: Is the Capacity Limit based on bookings or the total party size?

  • Max Party Size: How many people can attend per booking? If you see some extra fields, "Max Students" & "Max colleagues", in place of "Max party size" this occurrence of Event Manager has 'group bookings' enabled, usually for school events. This allows a teacher (the colleague) to bring a class of students with them.

  • Registration Type: What kind of people do you intend to invite to this event? (Each will show as a tickbox option on your booking form.)

  • Level of Study: What level of study is the event for?

  • Year of Entry: Which years of entry is the event for? You can select more than one year of entry if you wish. (This affects whether your event is shown when those years are selected if you're using the Course pre-selector. See Setup Options in Event Manager)

  • Default Year of Entry: Select which year is applied to the booking by default, when someone books directly onto the event without using the Course pre-selector.

  • Event Grouping: Do you want to group this event with any others that are already published? If yes, this will bring up a dropdown to select an existing grouping or create a new one.

  • Edit URL: This allows you to append a short name to the URL, which will take visitors directly to this event.

Please note: as this is a URL it should not contain anything more than lowercase alphanumeric characters or dashes and underscores (a-z, -, _ ).

  • Event Activity Reporting - read how to use this here

Set-up Part 2

Where to find the booking form link

The booking form link can be found either on the Event Listing:

... or on the Event Overview page:

... Or also on the Event Summary page:

The All Events URL takes you to the booking page with every event on it, while the Group URL takes you to all events you may have grouped together.

How to publish your events in an online calendar on your own website

To list all events in one place, use the online Calendar:

See How to publish your events in an online calendar on your own website.


Q. Can I clone an existing event?

A. Yes. This copies everything but the Event Date and Last Booking Date, allowing you to make small changes before publishing. When cloning, any time the Event Date is change, the Last Booking Date will update to 00:00 on the day of the event to ensure the Last Booking Date is not forgotten.

Q. Why can't someone book?

A. This is usually when the last booking date has passed or the capacity has been reached.

Q. Why does my booking link take me to the CRM login page?

A. You're using the wrong URL. Please make sure you only use the link available on the Events listing or Event Overview page.

Q. Can I have an invitation-only event?

A. Yes, set the Status to Private and the event can only be accessed via the direct booking URL.

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