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Data Deletions tool (DEL) in Data Manager
Data Deletions tool (DEL) in Data Manager

How to DIY bulk delete data in the ‘Data Deletions’ tool in the Data Manager app

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You can DIY bulk delete data in the ‘Data Deletions’ tool in the Data Manager app.

Perfect for when:

  • You want to delete all old data subject records in accordance with your university's data retention policy.

  • You have been contacted by data subjects who have requested their data be deleted under the Right to Erasure (GDPR).

  • You want to do some housekeeping (clearing up a dodgy import?).

How to:

Ensure you have the Segment Results ID you want deleted. This can be found inside Campaign Manager: Segments:

Inside Data Manager: Deletions, click the Plus ion to add a new deletions run.

Select the app Student Database, and add a new Deletion Run by entering the Results ID of your segment (example below is"22382"), then choose the date you want the deletion to be automatically processed for you:

Once you click "Schedule for deletion", your new run will now show as 'scheduled', counting down ("8 days remaining"):

On the date of deletion, the data will be automatically added to the deletions queue and the run's status will change to 'Processing'. It changes to 'Completed" when your data is gone.

From this app

This gets deleted

Student Database (SDB)

  • This uses Super Segments across all apps

Student records (people), and all associated activities, notes, tasks, bookings, enquiries, requests, applications, etc.


Q. Why can't I select a deletion date any sooner than 7 days in the future?

A. Seven days is the built-in cooling-off period, to allow you to change your mind.

Q. Once my run has been added to the deletions queue on deletion day, how long does it take to complete?

A. That depends on how big the list is, sometimes a few minutes sometimes a few hours.

Q. Once the data run has deleted the data, how do I get my data back?

A. You don't. As per the checkboxes you are required to read and check, deletion is permanent and can't be restored.

Q. But what if it's really, really important and I really need to get my data back??

A. Sorry, but still no. Not possible.

Q. Will the deleted records also be deleted from the data packs that we get every day?

A. Yes. If you have subscribed to data packs, then all the records that were deleted will be removed from your data packs the next day, so you won't see them in Redshift again. It always takes a day extra to be reflected in Redshift.

Example: a deletion scheduled to run on the 17th removes data from the Student CRM platform on the 17th, and doesn't get removed from Redshift until after 05:00 on the 18th.

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