Download the XLS of all the Engagement Score Rules.

(Useful if you have edited your scores and want to reset them back to their default numbers.)

It lists all the built-in rules available in the Student Database (SDB) app and, for each rule, it contains:

  • App: AOD

  • Rule Name: The Student cancelled an AOD booking in the AOD booking form

  • Direction: did the activity come IN or go OUT or happen ON PLATFORM?

  • Interpretation: A good thing, a bad thing or neither?

  • Score: -5 (the default score that we recommend)


Q. Can I change the score myself?

A. If you have a rule that you think should have a higher or lower score, simply edit that rule in Student Database > Setup > Engagement Score Rules tab.

Q. What is the range I can use?

A. The range is from "-10" to "+10".

Q. What if I want to use a score of "-100" or "+500"?

A. In that case you will need to set up an Automation to build a custom Engagement Score Rule - see section 2 here:


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