Engagement Score Rules table
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(Useful if you have edited your scores and want to reset them back to their default numbers.)

It lists all the built-in rules available in the Student Database (SDB) app and, for each rule, it contains:

  • App: AOD

  • Rule Name: The Student cancelled an AOD booking in the AOD booking form

  • Direction: did the activity come IN or go OUT or happen ON PLATFORM?

  • Interpretation: A good thing, a bad thing or neither?

  • Score: -5 (the default score that we recommend)


Q. Can I change the score myself?

A. If you have a rule that you think should have a higher or lower score, simply edit that rule in Student Database > Setup > Engagement Score Rules tab.

Q. What is the range I can use?

A. The range is from "-10" to "+10".

Q. What if I want to use a score of "-100" or "+500"?

A. In that case you will need to set up an Automation to build a custom Engagement Score Rule - see section 2 here: https://help.student-crm.com/en/articles/5279869-build-custom-engagement-score-rules-in-automations-manager


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