Please note: Before creating your Survey, you'll need to create a Survey form in Webform Builder. See this article for information on creating new forms.

First click the "Add a new Survey" icon and follow these simple steps:

1. About (overview of this survey)

  • Survey Name - make this as memorable and distinctive as possible
    Please note: for technical reasons you cannot have backslashes in a survey title

  • Description (optional) - this helps the next user to understand this survey's purpose

  • Group - this organises your surveys

  • Status - draft whilst you build it, published when you want to get it completed.

(NB: this step is where you can delete a survey).

Click 'Save' and move to the next step:

2. Timings (when this survey is available online)

  • Start & Finish - by default all surveys run for 5 years, change to suit.

  • Offline message - this displays when the survey is in draft status (see step 1) or it is not within your online date range.

Click 'Save' and move to the next step:

3. Content (choose your web form)

  • Web Form - Choose from a list of all SRV Web Forms you have already built and published in the Web Form Builder app.

  • Edit - Once selected you can click to jump into Web Form Builder and edit this survey.

Click 'Save' and move to the next step:

4. Preview (preview your web form)

  • See how your survey looks

  • Use the "Share" button to copy the link

  • Use the "Code Snippet" button to copy the code for embedding a survey on your website

5. Performance (see how your survey is performing)

  • Filter - by date range

  • View Submissions - goes to the Submission list.

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