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Please note: Before creating your Survey, you'll need to create a Survey form in Webform Builder. See this article for information on creating new forms.

First click the "Add a new Survey" icon and follow these simple steps:

1. About (overview of this survey)

  • Survey Name - make this as memorable and distinctive as possible
    Please note: for technical reasons you cannot have backslashes in a survey title

  • Description (optional) - this helps the next user to understand this survey's purpose

  • Group - this organises your surveys

  • Status - draft whilst you build it, published when you want to get it completed.

(NB: this step is where you can delete a survey).

Click 'Save' and move to the next step:

2. Timings (when this survey is available online)

  • Start & Finish - by default all surveys run for 5 years, change to suit.

  • Offline message - this displays when the survey is in draft status (see step 1) or it is not within your online date range.

Click 'Save' and move to the next step:

3. Content (choose your web form)

  • Web Form - Choose from a list of all SRV Web Forms you have already built and published in the Web Form Builder app.

  • Edit - Once selected you can click to jump into Web Form Builder and edit this survey.

Click 'Save' and move to the next step:

4. Preview (preview your web form)

  • See how your survey looks

  • Use the "Share" button to copy the link

  • Use the "Code Snippet" button to copy the code for embedding a survey on your website

5. Performance (see how your survey is performing)

  • Filter - by date range

  • View Submissions - goes to the Submission list.


Q. How to I set my Survey Live?

A. On the "About" page, you can change the Status of the Survey from "Draft" to "Published" and, depending on the timings you've chosen, this will set your Survey live.

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