Setting a CRM Manager

How to upgrade a User to a CRM Manager

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The CRM Manager is responsible for:

While any user can be set as the CRM Manager, it's recommended that this be an experienced User Admin.

To set your CRM Manager

Inside the User's Profile, change "Can Manage CRM Account" from "No" to "Yes"


Q. Can we set 'Can Manage CRM Account' for more than one user at a time?

A. Yes. This would then be useful if you need to update your Establishment settings when one of them is on holiday.

Q. How will a user know if we have set them to 'Can Manage CRM Account'?

A. They will see the 'Manage CRM Account" cog tab on the far right of their Home page. Also, they will see the setting 'Can Manage CRM Account' set to 'yes' in their User Profile.

Q. Who can set users to 'Can Manage CRM Account'?

A. Your User Admins only.


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