In your Establishment Setup, you can set your establishment's student recruitment goals for Growth, Efficiency, Student Journey, Engagement, Data Centralisation, and Intelligence.

Users can see and work towards achieving your goals.

It comes with 5 pre-set values for you to edit:

  • Growth - We aim to increase annual enrolments by 10%.

  • Student Journey - We aim to identify our top 3 personas and tailor their journeys appropriately.

  • Engagement - We aim to increase student engagement by 20%.

  • Data Centralisation - We aim to migrate any non-CRM data collection into the CRM.

  • Intelligence - We aim to mine our data packs to reveal 2 new actionable insights every quarter.

Please Note: This is not an article on the benefits of setting goals and measuring progress, there are already millions of articles online covering that topic. This article is about how Student CRM helps you focus on just 5 key goals.

You'll need to edit each goal:

Best practice:

  1. Edit each goal in turn, selecting your status today (red, amber, green, or unused).

  2. Type your actions in so your team can see what to do by when.

  3. When all are done, click 'Download list'.

  4. Share with your team.

  5. Update quarterly (your Student CRM Account Manager will help you do this).


Q. Where can our users see our establishment goals?

A. In their User Profile, on their 'My CRM' tab, however, they can't see any Goals that are set to 'not used' ('not used' is the default setting for the ready-made goals).

Q. Can we have more goals?

A. No, 5 is the maximum.

Q. What are the pre-set values?

A. They are guides only. For example, if you want to increase enrolment by more than 10%, just adjust it.

Q. Can I completely change each goal if I want to?

A. Yes.

Q. Who can set our goals?

A. Any user who has 'Can Manage CRM Account' set to 'Yes' on their User Profile.

Q. How do I share our goals with my team?

A. Click 'Download list', and send the downloaded file either as a file or just pasted values in an email to them:

Q. What if my establishment is not ready to do this yet?

A. Do it anyway; there is never a perfect time to start, and most delays become permanent. Why watch your competitors get ahead of you when you can be beating them? Follow best practices and harness your team's natural inclination to collaborate on achieving your goals.

Q. Will our goals stay the same over the years?

A. No. As you achieve your goal after one year, you will change the goals according to previous successes and new external factors. Goals tend to start off as aspirational and then settle into incremental.


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