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Subscribe to any in-app reports to receive them automatically by email

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Subscribe to any of the built-in reports

Choose any report, set your frequency and recipients, and sit back while reports of your recruitment activities are automatically emailed out at the perfect time, without anybody lifting a finger!

This is what you get - one click and you are viewing your report. No login is required:

As many, and as often as you like

  • Daily: For users who require frequent updates and close monitoring of their data, daily reports will keep them informed with the latest insights.

  • Weekly: This option is suitable for users who need a regular, but less frequent update on their data, allowing them to review progress and make adjustments accordingly.

  • Bi-weekly: Users who want to strike a balance between weekly and monthly updates can choose bi-weekly reports, receiving insights every two weeks.

  • Monthly: Monthly reports are ideal for users looking for a high-level overview of their performance, trends, or KPIs over a more extended period.

  • Quarterly, 6-monthly and Annually: For users interested in tracking long-term trends or comparing performance across quarters, quarterly reports can provide valuable insights.

Who is this for?

Any stakeholder who doesn't have the time to log in and run their reports on demand:

  • Senior leadership team.

  • Team Leads.

  • Departmental directors.

  • Academic leaders.

  • Officers.

  • Ambassadors

  • Plus anybody you want to report to.


Q. How many built-in reports are there?

Q. How do the reports arrive?

A. By email that contains a link to view the report.

Q. How many emails can I add to one subscription?

A. Up to 25.

Q. Can I choose the delivery time?

A. No. All reports run at noon each day.

Q. How many times can someone subscribe to the same report?

A. As many times as they like, for example, you could get the same report from 3 different subscriptions if you wanted - one on the 3rd of every month, another on all Mondays and Saturdays, and another once a year on Christmas Day.

Q. Must all emails be for Student CRM users?

A. No. Anybody can be added to a subscription, all you need is their email (and we assume you have their permission).

Q. How can I opt out of a subscription?

A. Click the 'Opt Out' link in the email.

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