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How do I setup Options in Event Manager?
How do I setup Options in Event Manager?

Customise your events using different options

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Event Manager is a highly configurable app that we can set up to handle all different types of events. This is done by setting up different streams with different setting to handle different types of events.

There are several settings that govern how each stream works. Lets take a look at them one by one...

Note: Apart from the Country and Course filter which you can turn on in the Form tab, these settings can be turned on by the CRM Support team.

1. Group Bookings

  • Select whether this stream should be for Group bookings or not. A single stream can be for group booking (for example, a teacher with students) or individuals, but not both at the same time.

2. Occupation

  • The options available are: Student; Alumni; Friend or Family Member; Parent/Guardian; Teacher;Partner; Education Professional; Member of the Public; Other.

  • Select the occupations for the people booking onto the events within this stream. If more than one occupation is selected people are asked their occupation on the booking form. This occupation is then stored against their booking record in the Student Database.

3. Country Filter

  • Select whether people have the option to filter your events by which country they are in. This option works best when used with the International stream option.

4. International

  • Make the stream International and adds Country and Nationality fields to the booking form. This allows you to set Events as being in certain countries. This option works best when used with the Country Pre Select stream option.

5. Course Filter

  • Turning on the Course drop down allows you to select which faculties are hosting each event. This means that when students begin their booking, they select the course they are interested in, and they are then offered events that are relevant to their course based on the faculty of the course they select.

6. Limit School Years

  • Limiting school years allows you to offer school year selection on the event booking form. This is usually used when teachers are booking groups of school children on to events. For each event set up the school years that are suitable for the event are selected and then only these school years are available on the booking form.

7. Confirmed or Unconfirmed bookings

  • This allows you to take Unconfirmed bookings. Useful for gauging interest in a planned event, all booking are initially given the status of 'Unconfirmed' so that you can then make a choice to confirm each booking on the planned event, delete it or move the booking to another date.

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