How do I manually add an Enquiry?

What to do if a student has called up or sent a postal enquiry

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Adding an enquiry which has been sent in via a method besides an Inbound Email or a webform is straightforward.

On the Enquiries Dashboard is a "plus" icon which will open a dialog box to create your new enquiry.

  • Fill out the students details. First & Last name, and email address are required to either match the student against an existing record, or allow the newly created student to match in the future.

  • Fill in the student's enquiry. This could mean transcribing a letter, or adding notes from a discussion with the student.

  • Select the channel by which the student contacted you. Currently the options are "Inbound telephone call", "In the post", and "Walk-in".

  • Select the category. Choose which category best represents the student's enquiry, such as "accommodation" or "UCAS application".

  • Click "Create Enquiry" and proceed as normal.

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