Adding a booking can be done in two ways, from the Search tab or from a specific student's Bookings record.

The Participants Search tab

Once in the Search tab of Event Manager you can use the New Booking button to add a new booking. The steps are similar to booking using the public form: select a Level of Study, Year of Entry and Course, pick the event, and then fill in the student's details.

NB: If the student already has a booking history within this occurrence of EVM then the new booking will be added to their Booking Record alongside their previous bookings, otherwise a new Booking Record will be created for the student.

From a student's Bookings record

If you use the search tool to find a specific student, you can then use the Add Booking button from within their record to add a booking for the student. This works in the same way as you would register using the public form, however once on Step 3 the student's details will already be pre-filled.

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