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How to Edit or Cancel a Booking

Amending a student's booking in Event Manager on their behalf

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Within Event Manager you have the option of editing or cancelling a participant's booking on their behalf. Perhaps an event is no longer running, or a mistake has been made and the student is making the request over the phone.

Find the booking

There are two ways of finding the booking.

Firstly, you can search for them in the Participants tab, then click the Magnifying glass icon to view the booking:

The second method is to search for their booking reference or name within the event. Again, clicking the Magnifying glass will take you to their record.

Amending the booking

Inside the student's booking record are the details of their booking. Click on the three dots on the Booking Details card to bring up the two options: Cancel and Edit booking.

To cancel the booking, click "cancel booking". You'll be taken to a confirmation page. Once you've confirmed you want to cancel the booking it'll be removed from the event.

To edit the booking, click "edit booking". This will guide you through the booking in a similar manner is if you were making the booking on the student's behalf. Make any changes required and then click "complete booking" to save the changes.

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