Customer Satisfaction, sometimes known as 'CSAT', provides you with a way of understanding how each enquirer felt about the way your team dealt with them.

If you enable 'Feedback' in your Enquiries app settings, your officers can send out the 'How did we do?' feedback email as they close each enquiry

Enquirers just click to let you know how they are feeling:

Happy feedback increases your CSAT score, neutral feedback does not affect it, and negative feedback decreases it.

Your CSAT score will be somewhere between -1.00 and +1.00.

  • If all of the feedback comes back as unhappy - you score a -1.00.

  • If all of the feedback comes back as neutral - you score a 0.00.

  • If all of the feedback comes back as happy - you score a +1.00.

How to use your CSAT scores

Run a report comparing departments, and look into why each category gets the score it does. Not every team is handling the same kind of enquiry.

See the reports tab in Enquiries:

Collecting feedback is optional.

Setting and meeting your own internal SLAs on achieving a minimum CSAT score each month is also a great way to differentiate your university from the competition.

Happy enquirers convert more than unhappy ones.

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