Below is a step-by-step guide on how to send your students the correct link to your Event Manager booking form:

  1. Go into Event Manager

  2. Under the 'Events' tab, click the blue link below the event you wish to send your students the booking form for. See the screenshot below for an example, it's the link in blue.

  3. The link will be copied for you and you will be able to paste it in your communciations to your students. Simply send them this link and they'll be able to access the form! (If you want to test this, just open the link in an 'incognito' tab. If you can see the booking form, it's the correct link)

Having Problems? Here's What To Avoid

If your link isn't working, just double check to make sure you've got the correct link. The link you copy and paste from Event Manager in the guide above is different from the actual URL of the booking form.

The link you should send to your students will look similiar to this:


Whilst the URL of your booking form will look similar to this:


You need to send them the first link (the one ending in /'campus-tours'). If you send them the link ending in '/group:1a23b456c789d' then they will not be able to access the form at all.

If you're interested in why this is, check out information below.

How It Works and Why (The Techy Bit)

There are two types of links for Booking forms in Event Manager.

One is the verification link -

One is the URL of the form -

In order for your students to access the form, they must go through the verifcation link first. The reason behind this is that your Event Manager Booking form contains a lot of information that comes from the CRM (such as Event Name, Event Date etc.). In order to access this information the CRM requires you to be 'verified' in one way.

If you have a login for Student CRM, you can see this information because you've been 'verified' through your login, however your students won't have a login for Student CRM, although they will still need to see the booking form.

By going through the verification link, the system will be able to 'verify' that these students are allowed to see the information on the booking form and will show it to them, allowing them to book.

If a student was to click on a link that goes directly to your booking form:


Then they would be asked to login to the CRM and they wouldn't be able to access the form because theyhaven't been 'verified' through the correct link.

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