A-Z List of all apps

Find out which apps will work best for you by downloading this A-Z List

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Each of the following apps does one specific kind of recruitment activity really, really well. All apps are fully integrated to work perfectly with each other in Student CRM.

Find out which apps will work best for you by downloading this A-Z List:

A-Z List of all apps (overview)

Agent Manager

Used by international teams to manage overseas agents so your teams can streamline their agent relationship workload.

Applicant Open Days

Used by events teams to run applicant open days so all faculties can offer specific activities related to each applicant's course.

Applications (passive)

Used to support admissions teams by sending automated communications to applicants based on UCAS status changes.

Applications & Applicant Portal (active)

Used by admissions teams to manage end-to-end online applications so they can increase conversion rates.

Automations Manager

Used by your recruitment teams to configure and manage automations that routinely carry out specified actions when certain processes run.


Used by recruitment teams to automatically schedule emails and texts to prospects on their birthdays to stay in touch between campaigns. (CORE)


Used by anybody who wants to subscribe to a Student CRM calendar feed of their own chosen recruitment activities.

Campaign Manager

Used by marketing and recruitment teams to see the performance of all ad-hocs that have been sent out. (CORE)

Contact Manager

Used by External Relations teams to manage important contacts and organisations/schools, and by Alumni Relations teams to manage new and old graduates.


Drives subject and course dropdowns in all web forms to offer the latest course information to students, and is used to filter activity reports. (CORE)

Data Manager

Used by events teams to import enquirers data files into Student CRM to trigger automated follow-up emails.

Data Packs

Used by planning & statistics teams to connect their chosen BI tool with fresh Student CRM data updates stored in a cloud data warehouse.

Document Library

Used by recruitment teams to keep documents linked to in emails fresh with a lifetime link to the latest document version online. (CORE)


Used by enquiries teams to answer each enquiry automatically routed to their team, using ready-made articles to save time.

Event Manager

Used by events teams to run campus tours, group visits and online events while streamlining bookings and increasing attendance.


Used to maintain a centralised list of your university's faculties and the departments within. (CORE)


Used by enquiries teams as the central source for suggested articles, and for all users to access your own CRM best practice articles.

Mobile Event Capture

Used by events teams to capture students details on iPads offline at events worldwide, to maximise event performance.

Pre-applicant Open Days

Used by events teams to run pre-applicant open days where students book their own programmes of activities to explore your campus on the day.

Privacy Centre

Used to display the correct consents and topics in your web forms so you can communicate with prospects in a GDPR compliant way. (CORE)

Prospectus Requests

Used by recruitment teams to fulfil postal or digital prospectus requests so you can streamline addressing and posting, saving time and money.


Optimises recruitment efforts and streamlines workflows. Keep automated communications up-to-date, track recruitment activities, and view real-time reports to achieve recruitment success. (CORE)

Rapid Response

Used by recruitment and enquiries teams to answer enquiries whilst also sending out information to prospects to reduce response times.


Used by international teams to organise countries into regions around the world to support their regional teams. (CORE)

Student Database

This is where each central student record is created and automatically updated in real-time by your recruitment activities. (CORE)


Used by recruitment and admissions teams to create online surveys to monitor student engagement throughout the student journey.

Template Builder

Used by marketing and recruitment teams to distribute approved email templates for use in campaigns and touchpoints. (CORE)


Used by your User Admins to create and manage user access to ensure each user sees apps appropriate to their role and permission level. (CORE)

UTM Link Builder

Used by marketers to create UTM links for tracking inbound lead generation traffic to web pages with forms on. (CORE)

Web Form Manager

Used to control how each web form looks and behaves when students complete them, and to optimise completion rates. (CORE)


Q. Why are some apps marked as 'CORE'?

A. These apps are the core set of apps required to run Student CRM. These are included in your annual subscription.

Q. What about the apps not marked as 'CORE'?

A. Each of these apps is a subscription app and you can choose to subscribe to these at an annual cost per app.

Q. How much does each app cost?

A. Please request a price here: https://www.student-crm.co.uk/pricing

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