Building a Survey Form

A quick guide to making your first Survey Form in WFB

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There are lots of specific items in Webform Builder to help you create the perfect survey. They can be easily be found by typing "SRV" into the search function on the builder:

Here we give you a quick rundown of each item.

It's also possible to combine standard form elements with Survey form elements. Take a look at this article for details about some of those elements.


You can use Boxes to group certain questions together on the survey. When you drag in a Box item, you'll get a Box Top and Box Bottom. Drag the Top and Bottom so that they bracket the items you want in the box:

On the survey, those items will be surrounded by a nice box:

You can control the colours in the Box Top settings - these are automatically inherited by the Box Bottom.


This allows the survey respondent to select a date from a set range of years.


This allows you to give the survey respondent a selection of options to choose from, with a free text box if none of the options are right.

Dropdowns are useful for when you have too many options to display as radio buttons.

Multiple Choice

This allows the respondent to select more than one option, or give "other" suggestions.

Multiple choice is useful for when you want a respondent to give you a selection of answers from the options available. Please note: there's no way to limit a respondent's selections to a set number, eg, if you have 10 options and want only up to 3 selected, you will have to add that instruction in the help message or question.

Radio Buttons

Radio buttons allow the respondent to select one option from a few values.

These are useful for when you only have a few options to choose from, such as "yes/ no".

Question & Question Area

These two are very similar. Question allows the respondent to give a short, one line answer, whereas Question Area is designed for longer answers.

These are useful if you need to ask the respondent a question that you cannot predict in advance, or pigeon-hole into a selectable option.

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