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Changing the consent or tracking on a managed web form
Changing the consent or tracking on a managed web form

Update consent packs or tracking on a live managed form

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Work in a safe version of your form

To edit the settings of a Live web form in Web Form Manager (eg change consents or tracking codes), you need to first 'Work in a safe version'.

First, you'll need to name the new version.

You'll then be able to edit the settings in Draft mode and preview your changes before you publish the new version.

Changing the Consent

Scroll down to the "GDPR controls" section.

Here you can select a new consent pack from the dropdown, fill out your Privacy Impact Assessment

(PIA) details, and any comments your Compliance Officer had.

Changing a Tracking Code

Scroll down to the "Web tracking" section.

Here you can select a new tracking code from the dropdown. If you don't see it available in the dropdown, you'll need to add it via Webform Manager's settings.

How to publish a managed web form

Once you've made the changes you need to tracking or consents, click the green button to Publish.

Once you click 'Publish changes to live', your Web Form has been published and cannot be edited without making a new private version.

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