We all know that there are key building-blocks that make up many forms, but their creation might not be immediately obvious in Web Form Builder. Below are some examples of how to create some common form questions:

Question: "What motivates your studies?"
WFB field to use: SDB - Persona

Question: "How did you hear about us?"
WFB field to use: Enquiry Source

Question: "What is your Level of Study/ Year of Entry/ Course of interest/ Subject of Interest"
WFB field to use: The Academic Block

Question: "What's your address?"
WFB field to use: The Address Block

Question: "What is your Enquiry?"
WFB field to use: The Enquiry Block

Action: Redirecting the Student after the form is submitted or changing the form submission thank you message.
WFB field to use: The Tools under "Submit". You can also choose if you want the redirect to stay within the iframe, or if you want the whole page to change.


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